Flip for Yoga cards are bright and happy instructional cards with easy-to-understand pose cues and photos of an actual person - not a model. These 4x6" cards come on removable rings so you can flip them over and mix them up to create your own sequence.

Flip for Yoga Intro Set includes 25 basic yoga poses + 2 bonus sequence cards!.
Our NEW Intermediate set includes 25 accessible intermediate poses to add to your intro set, plus 2 bonus sequence cards, including Sun Salutations A + B.

Flip for Yoga Intro Set - $22  
Flip for Yoga Intermediate Set - $20
Card Display Stand - $4

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Daisy Yoga / Rhonda
(Kings Mountain, NC)
On Track Yoga (Mt. Holly, NC)
Sundara Yoga (Lowell, NC)
Vida Calma Wellness / Rachael (Charlotte, NC)

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