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Yoga, Sound + Relaxation in Lenoir, NC

{Gentle Yoga . Guided Relaxation . Tibetan Singing Bowls}

Yoga Nidra {Yogic Sleep} is a guided relaxation + meditation practice to create awareness of tension and stagnant energy in the body in order to intentionally release it. The practice is done lying on your back (or side), using pillow, blankets, etc. to make yourself as comfortable as possible and ready to receive deep peace. 
{Think extended savasana/corpse pose.}

We will begin with gentle movement and stretching accompanied by the sounds of Tibetan singing bowls. We will then move into guided relaxation for the last 20-30 minutes. Anyone can do this practice, so invite someone who needs a break!

$10-$15 suggested donation {pay what you can}
This class is hosted by Adam Hartley Yoga in Lenoir, NC. Please contact me for the address!

Consider bringing:
-yoga or exercise mat
-an extra blanket or pillow for your comfort
-light layers/socks for guided relaxation if you get cold easily